Online Age Verification

Online age verification

Using NetIDme’s online age verification service, you can be confident that you are only providing goods and services to those of a suitable age.   For online communities and dating sites, electronic age verification promotes trust between members who can be sure that those they are interacting with are indeed the age they claim to be.

Our patented technology is compliant with all relevant legislation and best practice, including the DPA (Data Protection Act), and PCI – DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard).

By using a well-recognised independent third party for age verification, you are demonstrating your commitment to protecting your customers’ data.  You are also demonstrating that, as a business, you have taken all reasonable steps to ensure you are only supplying goods & services online to customers who meet legally based age restrictions.

Age verification for customers aged over 18

Customer information is collected and then cross-checked against multiple data sources.  Our patented technology adds intelligence to this ID check in order to facilitate the most effective search.  Once a positive result is returned, we are able to verify customer age.

Age verification for customers aged under 18

In the online retail, online content, and social networking arenas, it is often necessary to prove that a web user is over (or under) 12, 15, or 16 years of age.

For very good reasons there are no central databases containing identity information on under 18s. Therefore, unlike adults, individuals who are under 18 rarely have an 'electronic footprint' that can be checked to verify their information.

NetIDme offers two methods of age verification for web users who are under 18.  Our parental consent model involves verifying the identity of a parent who then “vouches” for the identity of their child online.

Alternatively, the parent can be verified online in combination with an offline process for the child.   By selecting this option, a form must be completed, countersigned by a professional and returned - in much the same way as a passport application.

NetIDme’s  age verification service is extremely agile in its delivery and can be implemented in a variety of ways.  You can choose the method of delivery most suited to your particular situation and requirements.  

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